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Sleep Begins Here…


Dream Start Baby provides you with the knowledge, skills and confidence so you become the expert.


Babies thrive on and need routine. Establishing a routine early means you will adapt and adjust to life with your baby sooner.


Implementing healthy sleep habits from as early as possible will ensure your baby will always have a natural, easy relationship with sleep.


Members receive access to our Private Facebook Community. Make life-long friends with other new parents and always feel supported.

Dream Start Baby is a world-first online baby sleep & routine education resource.

Dream Start Baby has been expertly created to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to establish great sleep and routine behaviours for your baby as soon as they are born, right throughout the first 12 months of their life.

Our mission here at Dream Start Baby is to revolutionise the way new parents manage their baby’s sleep from Day One. This revolution is not “new-age” nor is it something that we have created. It’s always been there however the way we now perceive and understand baby sleep and routines has drifted way off course. The way we live, work and communicate has evolved and changed so much over the last century but what hasn’t changed, and never will change, is the basic needs of our babies.

Dream Start Baby also caters for parents of babies who already have existing sleep and routine issues. Our comprehensive Sleep Solutions Videos provide you with clear and consistent advice to help you resolve your baby’s sleep issues and also educate you on all the healthy sleep and routine foundations that need to be in place.  Existing issues can’t be resolved unless everything is set up correctly in the first place. Dream Start Baby covers it all!

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“A well rested parent is a more engaged parent who is much better able to parent with love and patience.”

– Dr Dina Kulik (mother and paediatrician)

Dream Start Baby – Sleep Begins Here

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Comprehensive sleep and routine program for Birth to 12 months

15 months unlimited access to Dream Start Baby video series

Access to Members Only FAQ page

Private Social Media Support Group

Printable PDF files including Charts and Guides

Access to a CPR / First Aid video session
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After watching our videos, you will feel calm and confident and YOU will be able to make smart and educated decisions about how best to care for your baby and meet their every need. As parents, you become the experts. We want you to love and adore your precious new baby and we want you to ENJOY this special time, as you get to know one another.

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